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How often do LPG tanks need to be tested

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How often do LPG tanks need to be tested

Generally speaking, the overall inspection cycle of stainless steel liquefied gas storage tank is generally conducted every six years. The stainless steel liquefied gas tank that is qualified for the production of air and inert gas media can be properly extended in its overall inspection cycle if it is found to be non-corrosive after one or two exterior and interior inspections have been conduct.

The measurement method stipulates that because of the pressure occurring in the liquefied gas storage tank, it is necessary to ensure that the pressure is at a certain scale. It is necessary to regularly measure the testing equipment(such as the pressure gauge) and conduct regular inspections on the container environment. The in-service inspection of liquefied gas tanks is divided into annual inspection and periodic inspection. The regular inspection of liquefied gas tanks includes comprehensive inspection and pressure test, however, the new " inspection regulation for safety skills of fixed liquefied gas tanks" stipulates that pressure test is not required for general containers except under special circumstances.

During the operation and application of the liquefied gas tank, it is affected by the working load and application environment. In addition, some media will corrode the metal shell, the wall of the liquefied gas tank will gradually be thinned, and the bearing strength will gradually decrease. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive skill inspection of the liquefied gas tank at regular intervals and make a scientific judgment on the skill situation of the liquefied gas tank so as to determine whether the liquefied gas tank can be used safety and continuously.

The methods of regular inspection are mainly macro inspection, wall thickness measurement and surface nondestructive inspection. if necessary, ultrasonic inspection, radiographic inspection, hardness measurement, metallographic inspection, raw material analysis, eddy current inspection, strength check or stress measurement, pressure test, acoustic emission inspection, air tightness test, etc. can be selected.

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