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Garbage truck with remote control system, no need to endure bad smell

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Garbage truck with remote control system, no need to endure bad smell

The development of garbage trucks is a process from scratch, continuous innovation and continuous improvement. The traditional rickshaw carts gradually stepped out of the power stage and replaced them with more detailed garbage collection and transportation methods.

Sealed garbage trucks, dump trucks, and even swing-type garbage trucks that have been used throughout the country are gradually decreasing. Currently, the mainstream is the hook-and-arm garbage truck (vehicle detachable garbage truck), the compressed garbage truck, and the kitchen garbage truck and other more professional, more high-end, more intelligent garbage trucks.


The same is the mechanized operation of the garbage truck, the way of operation is constantly changing.


The first is manual mechanization. The advantage of mechanized operation is that the structure is simple and the failure rate is low. However, for the garbage truck, the manual mechanical operation is too close to the garbage, and the garbage, dust and odor are scattered when the garbage bin is turned over or dumped, which has a great influence on the operator.

Moreover, the position of the operating handle is fixed, and sometimes the line of sight is blocked during operation, and the action of the operated part cannot be well observed, posing a danger.

On this basis, electrical (gas) control (wire control) operation came into being. The electronic control system realizes the electrified control hydraulic system through an electronically controlled valve, or an electronically controlled gas or a gas-controlled oil. The conventional electric control box is fixed in the cab or on the body. It is easy to operate, but it should be close to the operation and endure the smell of garbage and unpleasant smell.

Therefore, the hand-held remote control box has appeared. The wire control box is lighter and can be held by hand. With the control line of 3-5 meters, the compressed garbage truck can be operated at a relatively long distance. Garbage trucks and other garbage collection vehicles.

However, the promotion of progress will always be a never-ending development requirement. Whether it is a 3-meter line control or a 5-meter line control, it will never escape the embarrassment of the cable. Wireless brings infinite possibilities, replacing the wired electronic control method, further liberating the operating position.

Especially for models such as compact garbage trucks and kitchen garbage trucks that can be opened and dumped, the operator can get off to the back door and observe while operating. It can not only avoid operational errors, but also observe the situation behind the truck. If anyone, it will further improve safety. At the same time, the garbage truck can be operated farther and the working conditions of the garbage truck operator are improved.

Only progress will never stop. We are constantly developing and constantly satisfying the diversified and personalized requirements of our users. And various automotive technologies are also making progress. Where there is a need, there is innovation.

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