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LPG storage tank types

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LPG storage tank types

We CLW Group are Manufacturer and exporter of LPG Storage Tank. LPG storage tanks are together with any associated pipework connecting the system providing space, water heating or cooking facilities, should be fabricated, designed and installed in accordance with the requirements. There are two types of LPG Storage Tanks.

LPG tanks can be stored carefully and conveniently in a special storage tank. These storage tanks can be installed quickly and easily with minimum fuss. Alternatively our storage tanks can be buried under ground, completely hidden from view, with only a small inspection hatch visible. The LPG storage tank can be topped up by our gas tankers. Every property has different needs; however we can establish your needs and match them to a solution.

1. Above Ground LPG Storage Tanks: It support to the weight of the LPG tank including the gas contents, a load bearing concrete base is required. It is important to ensure that the base is effectively sized for the appropriate tank and appropriately fabricated to ensure stability and correct functioning of the tank valves. The tanks are provided with safety accessory parts: safety valve, cut-off valve, thermometer, liquid level gauge, pressure gauge.

2. Under Ground LPG Storage Tanks: It is also recommended that a suitably qualified and experienced engineer be employed to undertake a site survey and provide the appropriate advice on all the groundwork and foundations necessary for the ground conditions. It is important that an appropriate separation distance is maintained or a fire wall be in place when installing an underground LPG storage tanks.

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