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Refrigerated truck "cold" knowledge (2): "box" secret

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Refrigerated truck "cold" knowledge (2): "box" secret

    We said that the traffic was inconvenient in ancient times. The people wanted to eat goods. It was not so simple. It was not until the 1980s that a truck was born, which changed the dilemma that I could not become a foodie, and directly promoted the eating of more food. The heart is big," It is refrigerated truck, we kindly call it "special truck for food."

Refrigerated trucks, special trucks, called "fresh trucks" for transporting fruits and vegetables, "frozen trucks" for transporting pork and seafood, and "fresh milk trucks" for transporting milk. Although the name is different, but at first glance, it is still awkward. Except for the big milk tank carrying a large jar, it is obviously different. The rest are all carrying a big box, exactly the same! There is a trick in the end, we will say this article.

    Refrigerated truck or insulated truck

   The refrigerated truck is mainly composed of a truck (trailer) chassis, a heat insulation (insulation) truck body, a refrigeration device and accessories. If there is no refrigeration device, it is a heat preservation truck. Of course, the heat preservation truck can be kept "cold" or "hot". The existence and the small box behind the small truck that is being taken out of the delivery is a reason, mainly to maintain the temperature of the goods. Certainly, not in a short period of time, it will drop or rise rapidly. Therefore, compared with refrigerated trucks, this type of insulated truck is mainly used for short-distance transportation, and the model is also small, which can adapt to urban freight distribution and shuttle between narrow streets.


 The square is not simple. The secret in the "box" of the refrigerated truck

   After the heating truck is equipped with a refrigeration unit, it becomes a refrigerated truck. At present, there are two kinds of truck body structures in domestic refrigerated trucks; the plate assembly structure and the overall injection foam structure, the specific knowledge will be explained in detail in future articles. Although the structure of the truck used in different refrigerated trucks is different, the ultimate goal is to provide a good sealing and thermal insulation effect to ensure that the cargo is in a stable and suitable temperature environment.

   The refrigerated trucks that transport fruits and vegetables and the frozen meat and seafood are all big boxes from the outside. There is no difference, but when you open the cargo door, you will find that there is no hole in the sky.

   According to the needs of different users, ventilation, cooling devices, shelves, suspension devices, and article fixing devices can be installed in the compartment.

Such as: meat hook truck, this kind of refrigerated truck that specializes in transporting slaughtered raw meat, can be equipped with optional accessories such as meat hook, pipe trough, pole, waist, aluminum alloy guide rail, ventilation slot.

   The sharp hooks are very sharp, the pork is neatly hanged on top, and the aluminum rails are assembled, making it easier for the staff to move.


Fruit and fruit fresh and common distribution, multi-cabin and multi-temperature models become a trend

   The goods transported by the refrigerated truck are different, and the internal temperature settings are different. Generally speaking, the temperature of refrigerated trucks carrying vegetables and fruits is controlled at about 2 °C. The refrigerated trucks that transport frozen meat and seafood have a cabin temperature below -18 °C, and some refrigerators can reach a minimum temperature of -30 °C.

   In urban distribution, especially for small supermarkets and fast food restaurants, there are many types of goods and different refrigerating temperatures are required. In this case, multi-cabin multi-vehicle multi-cabin doors are used.

   This kind of truck side door is designed with two hatch refrigerated trucks. It is more common. The whole truck is divided into two separate spaces, and different temperatures can be set to place different goods. Plastic doors are installed on both doors to prevent temperature loss and cold air loss during loading and unloading.

In addition to the two-door and two-cabin refrigerated trucks, the Schmitz trailer also brought in this kind of self-contained, multi-temperature, multi-cabin refrigerated truck at the just-concluded Hannover Commercial Vehicle Show in Germany. According to the on-site staff, the lower part of the right side has the lowest temperature and can transport frozen meat and other items with lower temperature. The space inside the left door is slightly higher than the right side, and can be loaded with cheese, cheese, etc. goods.

In addition to the Schmitz refrigerated truck, Mercedes-Benz also brought a refrigerated truck converted into a light commercial vehicle at this auto show, which also attracted many visitors. Its shape is simple and beautiful, and the compact model can meet the distribution needs of small-scale supermarkets in the city. The rear space is divided into two layers, and the goods do not affect each other, avoiding the danger of being crushed.

● Compilation

   Although the refrigerated truck looks generally the same from the outside, its interior truck design is highly targeted, and it is generally equipped with different devices for loading different cargoes. The design of multi-door multi-temperature zone is also very common. In this article, we briefly introduce the basic structural characteristics of the refrigerated truck. The following content will also cover the development history of the refrigerated truck and the method of using the truck. Welcome everyone to continue to pay attention.

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