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Structural principle of the concrete mixer truck

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   Concrete mixer truck

Concrete mixer truck is a special truck used to transport concrete for construction.  Because of its shape, it is also often called a snail cart.  These trucks are equipped with cylindrical mixing drums to carry the mixed concrete.  During transportation, the mixing drum will always keep rotating to ensure that the concrete carried will not solidify.  After the concrete is transported, the inside of the mixing drum is usually flushed with water to prevent hardened concrete from occupying space and make the volume of the mixing drum smaller and smaller.

The structural principle of the concrete mixer truck: the concrete mixer truck consists of a truck chassis and a special device for concrete mixing and transportation.  The chassis of concrete mixer truck produced in our country mostly adopts Class II general chassis provided by the vehicle manufacturer.  Its special mechanism mainly includes power take-off, front and rear supports of mixing drum, speed reducer, hydraulic system, mixing drum, operating mechanism, cleaning system, etc.  The working principle is that the power of the automobile chassis is taken out through the power taking device, and the variable pump of the hydraulic system is driven, so that mechanical energy is converted into hydraulic energy and transmitted to the quantitative motor, which then drives the speed reducer, and the speed reducer drives the stirring device to stir the concrete.  There is also a new type of mixer truck produced by Yantai Shenglida, which adopts a rotary sealing patent, which can make the mixer truck's mixing barrel and the inlet and outlet fully closed, and solve the series of problems of moisture evaporation, mortar stratification, concrete material scattering and driving safety of traditional products in a targeted way. It has greatly improved the concrete quality and building safety, and the effective volume of the mixing barrel has been increased to more than 80%, and the comprehensive performance of the whole truck has reached a brand-new height. The fully closed mixer truck has started to serve the high-speed railway and high-quality construction projects of Qingyan Weirong.

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