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Above ground or underground LPG tank, which one should you choose?

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Above ground or underground LPG tank, which one should you choose?

As a green and convenient energy, LPG is used widely both in commercial and industry areas.

More and more people see the opportunity and start to specialize in the storage and distribution business of LPG gas. 

For LPG tank, according the installation site, there are 2 types, above ground LPG tank and underground LPG tank. So which one should you choose? 

By evaluating the following 6 factors, you can determine which type is best for you. 

1. Is the sufficient land available to accommodate tanks now and for future needs?

If you have a sufficient land to build a LPG gas plant, then an above ground one is okay, especially for large volume tanks, say 120 cubic meter or larger. 

2. Is the appearance also your concern point? 

If you concern the visual aesthetics, and you're unable to install an above ground tank in a discreet location that is not easily seen, you might want to choose an underground model.

3. Cost

Cost is also a key point. An underground tank requires the installation of additional protective equipment to prevent corrosion and possible groundwater contamination. When combined with the digging and back-filling involved with the site excavation, the total projected cost of an underground tank can be up to three times the cost of an above ground unit.

4. Security

An above ground LPG tank has some security risks which underground LPG tanks don't have. For instance, a highly visible above ground tank can be susceptible to vandalism, making it less desirable for property owners in high-crime areas. If your tank is located near a roadway or parking area, it can cause fire explosions. 

5. Temperature

Underground tanks are better suited to handling extreme temperatures, particularly colder climates. Unlike above ground tanks, underground tanks are warmed by the earth, enabling them to continue to function at a high level even when the temperature dips well below zero.

6. Maintenance

Above ground propane tanks are generally easier to maintain than underground units. Underground tanks contain an anti-corrosion component that must be inspected and tested on a regular basis, resulting in an additional cost to the owner. 

Further more, it's illegal and not safe to use an above ground LPG tank under the ground. So please make sure to choose the right tank to conform all applicable relevant regulations and local rules before starting the purchasing and installation. 

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