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Overseas Engineering Support Customized Service 5Tons 20Tons 25Tons 30Tons 50Tons 100Tons LPG Filling Gas Plant

Main Equipment of a LPG Filling Gas Plant:LPG Storage Tank,LPG pump(Two sets),LPG compressor(One set),LPG cylinder weight scales(according to business size),ball valve,globe valve,non-return valve,strainer,sight glass valve and pipeline,optional for volume and mass flow meter,
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Equipment one-LPG Pump&Motor

Specification of the Motor

Revolving speed: 1470 r/min

Power: 5.5 kw

Voltage: 380 V

Protection grade: ExdIIBT4, Anti- Explosion

Specification of the hydrocarbon Pump

Medium:Liquid petroleum gas

Speed: 15 m3/h

Input and Output Diameter: 50 mm

Working pressure: 2.0 Mpa

Working temperature: -40℃- 50℃

Material:  carbon steel

Equipment Two-LPG Compressor

Structural style Vertical type, Air cooling
Compress medium LPG
Rate of flow 0.8 m3/min(48m3/h)
Suction pressure 1.0 Mpa
Exhuast pressure 1.6 Mpa
Suction temperature ≤40℃
Exhuast temperature ≤110℃
Lubrication Non-Lube
Number of cylinder 2 cylinder
Driving Model Belt drive
Installation Mounting with base plate
Weight 550kg
Overall Dimension  1200*1000*1100mm

 Explosion Proof Motor

Model YB3-160M-4

Rated speed 1460 r/min

Rated Output 11 kw

Voltage 380 V

Anti-hazard classification ExdIIBT4

Protection grade IP55

Equipment Three-LPG cylinder weight scale

Power: 220V, 30W

Weighing Platform Size: 535 x 425mm

Scale Capacity: 2kg to150kg

Working Temperature: -40℃~50℃

Working Pressure: 1.6MPa

Automatically Filling & Cut-off, Cylinder Tare

Weight Deduction,

Explosion-proof Indication: ExdmeibⅡAT3

3500 Filling Records Available for verification

Optional Ticket Printing

Equipment Four-LPG flow meter

Inlet & Outlet: 2”, optional 1 ½”.

Maximum Capacity: 76~380lpm

Working Pressure:350psi/24 Bar

With Mechanical Register, strainer, air eliminator, Diff. Valve and Back Check Valve.

With Ticket Printer.

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