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What are the refrigerated trucks: How should the refrigeration unit be selected?

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   The refrigerated truck is an extremely important part of the cold chain transportation, and the main three parts of the refrigerated truck are the chassis, the upper loading compartment and the refrigeration unit.

   Many friends have a problem before planning to buy a refrigerated truck: How to choose a refrigeration unit? Today our article is coming to talk to you about the small secrets of the refrigeration unit.


   1. Vehicle refrigeration units are generally divided into independent refrigeration units and non-independent refrigeration units.

    As the name suggests, an independent refrigeration unit means that the refrigeration unit has a separate power source that can work independently and is not limited by the operating state of the engine.

    The non-independent refrigeration unit means that the unit itself has no power unit and cannot work alone. It must rely on the engine to drive the compressor to work.

In addition, there is a special cold machine in China's refrigerated truck industry: the common board machine on the second-hand sea cabinet, this type of unit needs electricity to work, so many refurbished trucks in the second-hand sea cabinet have power generation. Units, but this type of unit is generally not considered a vehicle refrigeration unit.


   2. Choose according to the length of the car:

   Generally, depending on the size of the refrigerated truck body, an independent refrigeration unit or a non-independent refrigeration unit is selected. From the market point of view, the refrigerated trucks with a truck body of less than 6 meters and a cargo container volume of 4-31 cubic meters are selected as non-independent units.

The refrigerated trucks with a truck body of more than 6 meters are selected as separate units; depending on the vehicle, the independent refrigeration units selected for trucks and trailers are also different. Most of the trucks use medium-sized independent refrigeration units; semi-trailers mostly use large-scale refrigeration units. This is our common refrigeration unit placed in front of the trailer.

   Of course, it is not that the 6 meters of the truck is an absolute limit line. It depends on the requirements of different goods. You can choose according to your needs. After all, it is the best for you.


   3. Select according to the temperature requirements of the goods shipped:

   Different goods have different temperature requirements, and the corresponding cold machine power is also different. For example, frozen foods such as ice cream are generally required to have a low temperature of minus 18 degrees, and cold meat is required to be shipped at a temperature of minus 5 degrees. Different fresh fruits and vegetables require different temperatures.

   Especially for the cold chain transportation of vaccines and medicines with special requirements for transport temperature. Therefore, the cryogenic unit or the fresh-keeping unit can be selected according to the temperature requirements of the cargo. In addition, some cargoes require the refrigeration unit to have a defrosting function during transportation, which should be clearly understood when selecting.


   4. Choose according to the shipping mileage:

   The transportation mileage also has requirements for the type of cold machine. The non-independent refrigeration unit is more suitable for short-distance transportation in the urban area, and the transportation distance is shorter and the cost is lower, and this is matched with the second selection of the cold machine according to the length of the carriage, and the short-distance transportation in the town is also Basically, the cars below 6 meters are used more.

   For long-distance transportation, the non-independent refrigeration unit is more suitable, even if the engine stops working during loading and unloading, the refrigeration unit can work normally.


   5. What are the cold machine brands on the market?

   Brand is also one of the focuses of everyone's car selection. After all, the brand represents quality to a certain extent. At present, domestic cold machine brands are divided into three types: imported brands, joint venture brands, and domestic brands.

   The two giants of imported brands are: Carrier and Cold King. In the "Remaining Refrigerated Cars 1", we learned that as the world's first generation of cold machine units, Carrier and Cold King are currently selling relatively high in the world.

   Among the domestic brands, Guangzhou Jinda is a well-known brand. In 2016, it established a joint venture with Japan Japan Denso to establish Guangzhou Jinda Electric Pile Cold Chain Equipment Co., Ltd. to produce a new joint venture cold machine product.

   In addition, domestic brands such as Xuelian cold machine, Yingda green cold, pine cold machine, Xiangfan Hanxue, Zhengzhou Kaixue, Xinxiang Huatai, etc. are all familiar brands. Imported brands and joint venture brands are relatively more expensive, but the quality is more secure.

   In addition to the above brands, there are many brand refrigeration units. In general, no matter what kind of considerations to choose the cold machine, we still need to consider many aspects to find a cold machine suitable for your own working conditions and cargo types.

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