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Filling Operation Steps of Liquefied Gas Tank Truck

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Filling Operation Steps of Liquefied Gas Tank Truck

Filling Operation Steps of Liquefied Gas Tank Truck


The liquefied gas tank truck is an important tool carrier for the transportation of liquefied petroleum gas. It can be said to be the first choice for liquefied gas transportation.

As an industrial and civil fuel, liquefied gas has been widely used and has achieved great economic and social benefits. However, due to its flammable and explosive properties, it is highly prone to accidents during production, transportation and use. Major liquefied gas fires and explosions have occurred many times at home and abroad, causing heavy losses. Therefore, strengthening the safety management of liquefied gas, ensuring safe operation and use, and reducing accidents are an important issue at present.

For a Class A fire and explosion-proof site in a liquefied gas loading yard, it must first have certain basic requirements for software and hardware:

1. From a software perspective, liquefied gas loading personnel are fundamental to this software. As a liquefied gas tanker, the filling personnel must undergo professional training and obtain the qualification certificate issued by the quality and technical supervision administrative department before they can be certified.

2. From the hardware point of view, the liquefied gas loading yard has been adhering to a principle since the construction started to delivery, to prevent the occurrence of secondary accidents. It is also because of this purpose, the hardware has also been considered very comprehensive.

Let's take a look at the filling operation steps of the liquefied gas tanker, so that you have a more objective image:

1. When working on a daily basis, you should have a comprehensive understanding of the total inventory of the liquefied gas tank area to ensure the completion of daily liquefied gas filling. Before loading the vehicle, you need to ask for the transfer order and the inspection list, and carefully check the number of the vehicle to prevent the wrong vehicle from being loaded, and to ensure that the two documents are valid on the same day. (Remarks: "Four Certificates" have been checked in the liquefied gas tank car inspection yard)

2. Be aware of the condition of the equipment under its jurisdiction. Carefully and carefully check the contents of the inspections for two hours per shift; carefully check the condition of the fire extinguishers required for each month, and fill in the fire extinguisher inspection cards in detail; For the static discharge grounding instrument, the test is carried out every shift; the lightning protection and earthing grounding device in the loading shed is tested every spring to ensure the use effect.

3. When empty trucks and heavy trucks pass the weighbridge, it is required to open the doors on both sides of the cab to prevent entrainment of heavy objects or personnel, which affects the accuracy of the quality of the test and prevents the doping on the weight.

4. When the empty car passes the weighbridge, the loading operator must lead the tank truck to the designated place to prevent the hook gas, liquid pipeline and static electricity from being grounded. After the vehicle is stopped, the three main tasks are : Tire bunker, connect the static ground wire, and pull the car key to the designated position. Also fill in the initial value of the flowmeter, and calculate the termination value after filling, optimistic about the difference between the pipeline pressure and the tank pressure, and timely open the gas phase valve to ensure a smooth and complete loading task. During the entire loading process, personnel must not leave the loading crane. Only one liquid phase pipe is allowed for each loading port. Up to two gas phase pipes can be connected. The loading pump can only start a single loading pump for loading operation.

5. In the process of loading, in addition to timely observation of the flowmeter and pressure gauge values, the flowmeter of the loading crane must be transcribed every hour to prevent the flowmeter hopping from happening, thus giving The accuracy of the loading volume has an impact. After each tanker has finished the weighbridge, after filling in the actual filling amount, the difference between the metering amount of the single tanker and the amount of the floor scale must be filled in to ensure the accuracy of the flowmeter. After filling each tank truck with liquefied gas, carefully fill in the pressure, temperature, liquid level and other values after loading, so that it can be checked for future inspection.

6. After the completion of the entire loading process, fill in the liquefied gas loading operation card in time, and fill in the contents of the handover record book, and count the number of vehicles and the total number of tonnages loaded in the whole day, and report the liquefied gas tank. District posts and dispatch posts. At the end of each month, all the documents for the full-month loading will be handed over to the comprehensive administrator. Every Friday, the night shift personnel will hand over the loading tank flow count and the platform loading difference document to the craft technician. In order to ensure timely detection of overloading conditions.

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