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What are Safety Technical Operation Regulations of LPG Storage Tank

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What are Safety Technical Operation Regulations of LPG Storage Tank

What are Safety Technical Operation Regulations of LPG Storage Tank?

LPG Storage Tank’s safety technical operation regulations are very important for gas station, as once wrongly operated by workers, it causes serious and uncontrolled results. We can learn its dangerous side from various TV news. Well, what are safety technical operation regulations of LPG storage tank?


Firstly, when the underground storage tank is first put into operation or after maintenance, it must be replaced at the first time, so that the oxygen content in the tank will be less than 3%.

Secondly, storage tanks should strictly control the liquid level below 85%, and the pressure should be less than 1.8MPA.

Thirdly, the safety valve should be checked, its maximum value is the tank design pressure, at least once a year, the liquid level meter, pressure gauge should be maintained sensitive, failure and damage should be replaced immediately, the pressure gauge is checked once a year.

Fourthly, the valve on the tank should keep the switch flexible, tight and leak-proof, open and close the valve according to the process, and strictly prohibit arbitrary operation.

Lastly, operation procedures for liquid injection:

1. After receiving the incoming notification, prepare according to the unloading and compressor operating procedures.

2. The liquid phase inlet valve of the tank that needs to be opened is connected to the tank liquid phase tube, and the gas phase valve of the corresponding storage tank is connected with the inlet of the compressor. The gas phase of the tank car is connected with the compressor outlet.

3. In the process of injection, the pressure of the tank should not exceed 1.8MPA, and the liquid level should not exceed 85%.

4. The emergency shutoff valve of the underground storage tank should be in normal condition under normal condition, and open the air discharge valve in time in emergency. All emergency shut-off valves are in closed state immediately and cut off the gas source.

5. When the liquid enters the liquid, the operator must not leave the scene. There will be an abnormal shutdown immediately. If the trouble continues to be unloaded, it will be excluded.

6. After entering the liquid, record and sign the tank pressure and liquid level.

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