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Transportation Management of Liquefied Gas Tanker Truck

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Transportation Management of Liquefied Gas Tanker Truck

                                                    Transportation Management of Liquefied Gas Tanker Truck

Liquefied petroleum gas shall be transported by vehicles with fixed drivers and escorts. Drivers and escorts must be trained by professional departments.
Drivers and escorts must be familiar with the following safety technical knowledge:
(1) The State-issued Regulations on Safety Management of LPG Tank Trucks and the Municipal Regulations on Chemical Dangerous Goods shall be implemented
Regulations on safe transportation. 
(2) The physical and chemical properties of the oil and gas in the liquid. 
(3) Technical skills of tank trucks and liquefied petroleum gas containers, safe operating procedures for handling operations, fire prevention and extinguishing knowledge
Knowledge, and the hard way to take an accident. 
(4) knowledge of transportation safety in cities and highways. 
(5) be able to skillfully use vehicle fire extinguishers and emergency cut-off devices.


Additionally, drivers must abide by the traffic rules and obey the instructions of traffic managers, and they should also abide by the following stipulations:

(1) Tank trucks should hold the "Tank Vehicle Use Certificate" issued by the Municipal Labor Bureau, and should have complete safety facilities, printed with colored ribbons and strict.
No smoke sign and good electrostatic discharge device (Mars exhaust device on exhaust pipe). 
(2) Driving at the time, place, route and speed prescribed by the local public security and traffic administration departments.

(3) There should be escort personnel on the train. 
(4) No other vehicles are allowed to be towed or trailed, no other inflammable or explosive dangerous articles are allowed to be carried, and no other passengers are allowed to take them. 

(5) No smoking is allowed on the train. 
(6) When passing through culverts or overpasses, attention must be paid to elevating and slowing down.

(7)When the temperature of liquefied gas in the tank reaches 40 C, measures should be taken to prevent further temperature and pressure rise, and the tank truck should be driven to a cool place or spray water to cool down.

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